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Nick Zoucha, Owner
Master Auto Glass Technician

    Nick has been involved in the Auto Glass industry for a little over 30 years.  It all started in 1990, when he got his first chance to work in a real Auto Glass Shop. Russ Maskie, the owner of Charleston Auto Glass took a chance on Nick and taught him the ropes.  Commitment, discipline, confidence and attitude were qualities attained by Nick at that glass shop.  Moving on from the Mom and Pop's to a fast paced industry, where education and new technology were in high demand, Nick joined an industry giant, Safelite Auto Glass.  At Safelite Auto Glass, Nick became more familiar with the tools of the trade, learning about safety and service in the field on board a Mobile Glass truck.  The whole concept of a "Mobile Shop" was new at the time.  Leaving a safe environment to show up on sight to install auto glass at a customer’s home or office was soon accepted by the public.  


     Today customers have the option to have their cars serviced in shop or by a Mobile Service Tech.  In 2005, Spectrum Auto Glass L.L.C. was born.  Nick and his wife Stacy, started Spectrum Auto Glass where they worked side by side servicing the Low-Country.  In just 8 short years, Spectrum Auto Glass became a house hold name, serving one customer at a time.  Unfortunately Spectrum Auto Glass had to close their doors in 2013, due to Stacy being diagnosed with Alzheimers.  Nick worked on and off installing auto glass around the Tri-County area until finally moving to Nebraska for a change of pace. A year later in 2014, Nick decided to come back to South Carolina to regain his presence by working for Windshield Specialist, SC.  As of 2018, the opportunity finally arose to get back in the Auto Glass Industry as a major player.  Nick is proud to present, Nicks’ & Cracks Auto Glass L.L.C.  Nick promises the same quality and reliability you would expect, focusing on safely replacing Foreign and Domestic Auto Glass in the Low-Country of South Carolina.   All old and new patrons are welcome! Thank You!

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